Maya & Binit

Indian Tradition

For over a year, Maya and Binit had been dreaming up their wedding weekend in hopes of pulling many traditional elements from Binit's Indian culture.  I was honored to work with them every step of the way to bring their vision to reality.  Their Friday evening was festive with Indian cuisine, mehendi, and specialty dances such as Dandiya and Garba.  For their Saturday ceremony and reception, Maya wore a custom-made dress with pops of bright pink and gold, and Binit wore a traditional sherwani. During their ceremony, more than a dozen of the bride and groom's aunts whispered blessings into Maya's ear, and the couple took seven steps around a small sacred fire symbolizing eternal friendship and the couple's journey through life together.  Each trip around the fire represented a specific blessing: food, strength, wealth, happiness, children, cattle, and devotion.  Celebrating their beautiful weekend with two hundred of their closest family and friends, their wedding could not have been more remarkable.